RIDGELAND, Miss. (WJTV) – The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District (PRVWSD) Board of Directors said the permit requirement for access to the Barnett Reservoir spillway will begin Wednesday, December 1.

The Board of Directors said the purpose of this decision is to curb a continuing problem related to litter and vandalism.

Beginning on Wednesday, December 1, guests will have to complete a permit form and complete the following actions:

  • Part A of the form must be filled out and left face-up on the dashboard of the vehicle.
  • Part B of the form requires more information and must be deposited in one of several drop-boxes before access can be granted.
  • Part C must be in the visitor’s possession during his or her entire visit.

The permits will be available at access boxes on both sides of the spillway. The policy will become law in early 2022 and will include a $100 penalty for a citation.