Port Gibson could see 30,000 new jobs coming soon

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Port Gibson could see 30,000 new jobs coming soon

Port Gibson is home to around 2,000 people but could soon be seeing a big employment boost.

“We’re looking at 30,000+ jobs,” Lorraine Hunt of the Chamber of Commerce told us.

Coming from Hesco a company whose business focuses on producing and distributing LING power. The first of its kind to come to the area.

“You’re sitting right here on the Mississippi River, all the barge traffic and tugboat traffic that goes up and down the Mississippi they all got to be running on fuel that is cleaner than 0.5% sulfur,” Hesco CEO Monte Burton said. “LNG is the only true bridge to be able to allow them to accomplish that.”

Tonight locals who’ve already built their livelihoods around Port Gibson and the county came eager to see how this new development would benefit them.

“We have a Bed and Breakfast on that area and we just thought it will bring a lot of good jobs to the area,” Jim Harrison said. “They’ll be high tech jobs, and with it being located there it will be a good partnership with Alcorn University.”

Since 2016 Port Gibson has seen almost a 10% population increase with the biggest age group being those in their thirties meaning good potential for companies to develop.

“This is definitely a job deprived area so it would definitely be a boost no matter what they put down there it would be a boost for the economy and that’s the main problem,” Port Gibson native Ryan Nasif said. “Cause you know the younger people are all moving out trying to find jobs cause there’s nothing available here.”

“Ability for those jobs and opportunities to come here to keep people who were born and raised here employed and able to sustain their families,” Hunt said.

According to the chamber of commerce Hesco breaking ground is only the beginning as more companies are negotiating new plans as well.

The median household income around Port Gibson is around $22,000 a year, but after these companies come in, the Chamber of Commerce predicts those numbers could double.

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