Prepare for water outage tonight: North Frontage Road

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – In the wake of freezing temperatures and current rainy conditions, Jackson city crews are about to begin repairing a water main break off Old Canton Road. And to do so they’ll have to shut off the waterline.

This is creating a water outage for close to a dozen businesses through the night.

In front of the Highland Bluff building at 4400 Old Canton Road is where workers are getting started on the busted water main. It’s within a half-mile radius of people’s livelihoods who might face setbacks if there’s no running water by Tuesday morning.

Pouring out of the ground off Old Canton Road is the very water surrounding businesses rely on to serve many of their customers and stay open.

“We’re doing wet shaves, we’re doing hot towel shaves, the water’s very important in our barbershop,” Great Scott Vice President Wright Scott said. “So we’re hoping to have it back before the day begins tomorrow.”

On a typical weekday, Wright Scott sees up to 30 men in his store eager to get a haircut as well as special shaving and hair cleaning services other places don’t offer. They may take losses if by Tuesday there is still no running water.

“I’d say without water it’s going to take away our ability to separate ourselves from the competition,” Wright explained. “We won’t be able to serve our customers coffee, things of that nature. Or a glass of water but if we have to we’ll just go bottled water.”

Newk’s Eatery located right across the street isn’t so lucky with seeking alternatives, without running water managers were forced to close early Monday night and cannot open back up to serve food until it’s fully fixed.

Meanwhile down the road Whole Foods grocery store is still operating on a normal schedule but lacks working bathrooms and has no running water to operate their cafe.

Back at the Highland Bluff building the Children’s of Mississippi Clinic is relying on bottled water for patients and staff to wash their hands. They will also rent porta potties if the water is not restored by Tuesday.

There is no time frame set by the City of Jackson to how long the water outage will last. But when it does come back on those in the impacted areas will be under a boil water notice.

4:30 P.M. – The water outage for 4200-4299 I-55 North Frontage Road, beginning around 9:00 P.M. Monday night.

The outage will affect the following businesses below:

  • Wolfe Fine Arts Studio
  • Chinn and Associates
  • Newk’s Eatery
  • Bank First
  • Morgan and Morgan
  • Albritton’s
  • Highland Village -the shops on the Old Canton Road side including Whole Foods

A precautionary boil water notice will be issued for the outage area after water is restored.

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