President Trump approves disaster relief for Mississippi

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Back on the second weekend in April tornadoes and heavy thunder storms rocked Mississippi leaving businesses and homes in ruins. 

After sending several letters pleading for aid President Donald trump answered state and city government requests approving a disaster relief bill. 

April 13th and 14th was a miserable weekend for many people along the Mississippi River and through the central part of the state, but after two months of paying recovery bills communities can finally get reimbursed. 

Eight weeks may have passed, but the damage is still visible. 

“It was the most devastating moment I had ever experienced,” Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs said. “Because when you walk into that area it was like a war zone.”

After tornadoes and severe thunderstorms swept through the Warren County/Vicksburg area stores, homes and streets were demolished. 

“My grandma house got damaged in the storm,” Vicksburg local Anthony Slughter said. “A tree fell through it so maybe it will help get that fixed.”

“Mall was closed, the building there was severe everywhere, and cars turned over,” Mayor Flaggs described.

How the federal funding works is money will be distributed to state and local governments across hard hit areas to provide a cost sharing basis to repair places damaged by the storm. 

“If the president of the United States does not declare it a disaster or the declaration than you don’t get individually reimbursed,” Mayor Flaggs explained. “By him doing that we’ll be able to help the residents affected by the tornado and the flood that doesn’t have insurance.” 

“It’s a big relief maybe they can get a lot of things fixed,” Slughter said. “And everybody can go back to doing their normal thing.”

In order to apply for these funds people and business owners must reach out to their area MEMA and FEMA office with proof your property was damaged or destroyed by the tornadoes, flooding, heavy winds, and rain. 

“Everybody that had been affected by the tornado and has a cost that’s not affiliated with insurance, they can now be reimbursed,” Mayor Flaggs told us. “And most of the cost has already been assessed by MEMA and FEMA. It means these people can look for a check.” 

The counties included in this disaster relief declaration include Warren, Yazoo, Monroe, Kemper, Clarke, Clay Itawamba, and Oktibbeha. 

The contact information for FEMA is 202-981-6000.

The contact information for MEMA is 601-933-6362.

It is important to note though this disaster relief does not cover the tornado damage that hit Morton, Mississippi the week after Warren County was hit. 

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