Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren tours the Delta

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Democratic Presidential hopeful Senator Elizabeth Warren is stumping in the Magnolia State today. 

WJTV 12’s Margaret-Ann Carter hit the road with her.

“Senator Elizabeth’s Warren’s first stop was her win Cleveland Mississippi where she was shown some of the lack of housing and housing issues by Senator Willie Simmons.”

“You can be sure there’s love in this home… they just can’t afford to do the structural repairs to keep it up.”

It’s boots on the ground for presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren as she walked the streets of Cleveland Mississippi looking at some of the boarded up and run down homes. 

Stopping to talk with neighbors along the way. 

“I’m talking about a proposal I’ve got to put more money into housing and local communities the senator was kind enough to show me around and said Y’all could use some money in Cleveland.”

Senator Warren has an affordable housing bill aimed to end homelessness and poverty. Dr. Allison Crenshaw says that’s a good start but more is needed.

“Show us how we can tap into the resources show us how we can make that a reality because housing is only one phase of what we need we also need jobs.”

As they walked Senator Willie Simmons told Sen. Warren about the desperate need for attention and money in rural America. 

“These families living in these houses cannot afford it because of the level of the income they have and the lack of support from the government both at the federal and state level.”

Jackson State will host a town hall listening meeting on campus Monday night.

Almost fifty-two years to the day, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts retraced the steps once visited by another Presidential candidate born in that state – Robert Kennedy.

Kennedy’s now famous tour began in Greenville reaching all the way to a place known as ‘Sugar Ditch’ in Tunica. The visit was set amidst the backdrop of the civil rights movement and came at the invitation of Mississippi civil rights attorney Marian Wright (Edelman). She would later go on to found the Children’s Defense Fund.

Kennedy told people the overwhelming poverty and hunger he saw there was beyond anything he had witnessed in third world countries. His experience in the Delta would spark a series of congressional hearings on poverty and generated policy for better housing and protections for children.

WJTV 12’s Margaret Ann Carter was there when Warren joined state Senator Willie Simmons D-Cleveland for a walking tour. Her focus today – poverty and housing.

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