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RAYMOND, Miss.(WJTV) – A tragedy involving an 11-year-old girl is putting gun safety in focus. 

On Sunday, Asia Turner died after accidentally shooting herself in the face with a firearm that was left unsecured in her home. 

WJTV 12’s Lanaya Lewis spoke with a firearm specialist from Boondocks Firearms Training Academy about how incidents like these impact gun owners in the long run. 

General Manager Chad Winkler explained, ” A kid getting themselves injured is a tragedy for the family, but it’s also a big set back for the Second Amendment rights and gun rights community.” 

Winkler says with the advancement of technology there’s no need to freely hide guns under pillows or in a nightstand. 

He says a few ways to protect everyone in the home is to invest in a gun case and teach children what to do if they encounter a gun. 

Winkler adds places like Boondocks offer programs for adults and children as young as Pre-K. 

He explained, a child is never too young to learn about gun safety. 

“We will come out there and explain to them how to become aware of what to do if they have a firearm in the house or if they find a firearm in the house… and they get a little backpack, they go through the process of learning these proper response.” 

Boonie the Sheepdog is used by Boondocks to teach children three important steps if they encounter a firearm. 

  1. Pause
  2. Turn your tail 
  3. Sniff out an adult. 

The 501(c) organization travels to schools, churches and daycares to educate children for free. 

For more information of Boondocks, click here.

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