JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Robert Walker is a well known radio host at 97.7. He said on Thursday, July 7, a group of young men drove up and fired dozens of rounds at two other young men right outside his South Jackson home.

“The mayor’s saying the city is safe, the city is not safe,” stated Walker.

His main focus was making sure his daughter, who was inside the home, was safe.

“I’m crawling on the ground, trying to get to my daughter and make sure she’s okay, trying to get her on the ground because her room is at the front of the house where they’re shooting at. They shot out windows at my house because the boys they were shooting at ran through my yard, and I think a lot of times they don’t think about the other people that they’re hurting, especially when they have these assault riffles and hand guns, and they’re in the hands of these young kids,” said Walker.

Walker said he’s glad no one was injured, but the damages to his home and vehicle will cost thousands of dollars. He believes the Jackson Police Department (JPD) is doing the best they can right now amid an officer shortage. Walker also believes that social media is playing a big role in young people becoming increasingly violent.

“Back in the day, we didn’t have social media. So if something happened within the school or within the small group of people, not too many people outside of that is going to know. But now, you have social media. You add that on there, and it’s a lot of emotions. Nobody wants to take an ‘L.’ Nobody wants to go viral for the wrong thing.”

Walker said he would like to see stricter gun laws to help stop guns from getting into the wrong hands.