Rankin County Sheriff’s Office uncovers more than 450 pounds of liquid meth in major drug bust

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More than 450 pounds of liquid meth is now off of the streets thanks to the Rankin County Sheriff’s Office.

The Interstate Interdiction Task Force found the drugs inside of a car’s gas tank being hauled by an 18 wheeler.

On Friday the team stopped an 18 wheeler traveling on I-20 for a traffic violation, the officers grew suspicious that drugs were inside of one of the cars being hauled. What they found inside shocked even veteran deputies. 

Drug cartels are finding more ways to ship drugs cross country and I-20 is quickly becoming a goldmine.

“What we know through, an investigation all this came right over the border in San Diego, so it came right out of Mexico, right into the United States and shipped over here,” Deputy Chris Picou with the Rankin County Sheriff’s Office said. 

Deputy Chris Picou is with the RCSO Interstate Interdiction Task Force. He says the drugs are being shipped from west to east, while the money gets shipped east to west.

By simply performing thorough traffic stops the Rankin County Interstate Interdiction Task Force has become the number one team in the country.

“That’s all we’re doing is traffic enforcement, and if you see something traffic violation, we make the stop, it’s the contact we make with people and that’s the key to it. So my guys know when they’re talking to people how to read certain things and how to put it all together and know when they’re not telling the truth,” he said. 

That’s what happened friday, their suspicions led them to finding more than 200 pounds of liquid meth in a car’s gas tank being hauled by an 18 wheeler.

While talking with the driver they were able to stop another 200 pounds of meth being hauled by another unsuspecting truck driver.

“In the earl 90’s a pound of meth would cost you $14,000 now those people probably pay $4,000, so you see a drop, so what that tells me is there’s more supply,” Picou said. 

Picou says in most cases the 18 wheeler hauling the drugs has no idea what they’re carrying.

“Really they’re just using them as mules like the postal service or Fedex,” he explained. 

Picou says no one was charged in these drug busts, but they’re happy to have the drugs off of the street.

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