Rankin County storm damage

Local News

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV)- In the pitch-black, right after midnight in the town of Star, people were forced out of their beds. 

Adam Ates says, “What woke me up was wind and I sat up and it started getting louder. Branches and limbs hitting the trailer, after that I couldn’t do much.” 

When emergency crews made it the scene, they found homes damaged, people trapped inside,  trees down on the roads, power lines scattered, and hundreds of homes without power.

Rankin County Emergency Management Director Mike Word says, “We’ve got a debris path about 4-5 miles in length, we’ve impacted somewhere in the neighborhood 10-12 homes have been impacted. We’ve got somewhere in the neighborhood 15 streets or roadways have been impacted.”

As the sun rose, the true scars on streets like Mangum Dr. and Erstella Heights were uncovered showing how dangerous this tornado could have been. 

Sheriff Bryan Bailey says, “God had a protected hand over everyone in this community with their being no injuries, no deaths, and once you see the damage in the daylight it’s a miracle nobody got hurt in the storm.”

Authorities with emergency management tracked the tornado started in Simpson County before traveling northwest over Highway 49 wrecking nearly a dozen homes in its path. 

Word says, “You’ve got a visibility issue, you can’t see. People are at home, they’re asleep, a lot of times they’re not going to hear their weather radio. Nighttime is a big deal. In the day time, most people are at work and you just got a lot better notification.”

Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey says if you don’t have any family or property damaged around the town of star please stay clear of the area for your safety and don’t cause more traffic. 

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