JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)- Lt. Governor Tate Reeves is pushing back on an explosive Attorney General report which says Reeves and his office improperly pushed a frontage road project near his neighborhood. 

“Candidate Jim Hood asked Attorney General Jim Hood to help candidate Jim Hood become Governor Jim Hood, ” Reeves said. 

The report found Reeves, improperly sought to influence a roadbuilding project near his neighborhood.

Reeves denies the findings.

“Nothing new in this report that came out nothing at all that was new in fact if there was anything that was new that came out was the fact that Attorney General Jim Hood said it’s over,” said the Republican nominee for Governor. 

Reeves also said there were no documents from his office to hand over to the AG concerning the project.

Hood said not true tweeting, “A cover-up and lies can’t hide the facts. Tate reeves applied political pressure to build a private access road near his home at taxpayer expense.”

Further stating, “Come clean. Release all the correspondence.”

Reeves responded, “We did provide him all the information that he asked for and the reality is that there was nothing there.”

Reeves did not answer repeated follow up questions to clarify if he provided documents to hood’s office to complete the investigation with his testimony.