JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Dr. Charles Williams has served as the City Engineer for Jackson for 20 years, and Friday, April 29 will be his last day because he’s retiring.

For most of Williams’ two decades, he had a low profile, but when the water crisis hit in recent years, Williams has been front and center explaining the problems to the people of Jackson.

Williams said it will take years to fix the city’s system, and it will be costly, but there must be a balance between upgrading the treatment plant and replacing pipes.

“There has to be a balance that needs to be found in order to where you talk about funding. We need to make sure we’re dedicating resources toward the plant to our operational and continue to do upgrades. Also, we need to be replacing these aging lines, so there has to be what I call a balance that has to be created where you’re delivering resources to the areas at the same time because both of those are vital as it relates to providing water that is necessary for our businesses our schools and our residences to have reliable drinking water at their particular business, school or residence,” said Williams.

Over the course of several years, Williams has not taken a vacation and wants the people of Jackson to know he did his best for the city.

Williams said he will take some time off to figure out what his next steps will be, but he said it will be unlikely to see him sitting a round the house for long.