RIDGELAND, Miss. (WJTV) – The Ridgeland Historical Society, the Historical Committee, City officials, and staff celebrated the city’s history on Wednesday, October 25, 2023.

The team honored several of Ridgeland’s first families and unveiled the first of many History Trail markers. 

The Historical Society of Ridgeland, with assistance from the Ridgeland Tourism Commission and City staff, collaborated on the development of the Ridgeland History Trail. The History Trail will consist of interpretive wayside exhibits highlighting the culture and history of Ridgeland. Officials said it will utilize the existing multi-use recreational trail system, as well as additional off-trail sites.

Once completed, there will be 25 sign locations based in part on the Ridgeland History Map and Guide. 

The 2023 First Families of Ridgeland Exhibit is also a new addition to the History Room that was established when the new City Hall was opened in 2021.

The families included in the First Families of Ridgeland 2023 Exhibit are as follows:

  • The Harris, Cummings & Gilbert Families
  • The Blough, Stewart, Henderson, & Jenkins Families
  • Families occupying the Clifton Ash Plantation now named Hillview – Murrell, Clifton, Ash, Tucker, Vaughn, and Richardson
  • The Carr Family
  • The Ridgeway & Butler Families
  • The Coziar Family
  • The Sturdivant Family

“Ridgeland was incorporated as a village on December 29, 1899, after the first families settled in the area. These families are important to our history, and they have left us with a heritage we can be proud of. We honor those who have made Ridgeland a special place to live and work, and we believe that a vital part of being a community is remembering our heritage and being thankful for those who took the time to plan for the future of our great City,” said Ridgeland Mayor Gene McGee.