Ridgeland High School is active-shooter ready

Local News

The Madison County Sheriff’s Department collaborated with Madison County School District to host an active shooter drill at Ridgeland High School.

The Madison Sheriff said “we put them through the work, you know a real live scenario, live gunfire, fake blood the whole nine yards, tried to make it as real as we could.”

“And real as they could, is exactly what they did. SWAT members deployed flash grenades, paramedics treated the wounded, and other first-respondents rushed towards an active scene.”

Interim Superintendent Charolette Seals said “I was nervous, I was scared, the sounds, you know, there’s nothing we can do, just the school to replicate that.”

The sheriff feels that such scenarios are detrimental for school administrators and staff to ensure the safest response for students and themselves.

Sheriff Randy Tucker said “I think if you look back through the history of these incidents the heroes come from the staff and administration at the school. They’re there, they’re the ones that are going to be expected to respond and protect our children until the first responders get there.”

Police Chief John Neal “we’ve had to go from the mindset of if this ever happens to when this happens and what Madison County is doing today is we’re preparing for that day.”

No one wants to see the day an active shooter is putting lives in danger but it’s comforting to know that law enforcement will be prepared.

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