RIDGELAND, Miss. (WJTV) – Leaders with the Ridgeland Library said they’re cutting back on operation hours due to a lack of funds.

Madison County Library System officials blamed Ridgeland Mayor Gene McGee for the lack of funds. They said if they don’t get adequate funding from the city, they may have to close the library.

The city and the library system agreed to a funding contract in April, but the contract was later voided.

McGee said the contract needed to be revised before the city could continue to give funds to the library. In a statement, McGee blamed the library system for not fulfilling its obligations on part of the contract.

Jane Bond, the treasurer of Friends of the Ridgeland Library, said she believes the mayor is withholding funds from the library because they refused the mayor’s request to remove books containing LGBTQ storylines.

Bond said it’s not fair to the library’s employees or the community.

“We have people that have come here and gotten jobs. We’ve had homeless people come here and gotten jobs or gotten in touch with families to get them back home,” said Bond.

McGee said there is not a disagreement between the city and the library system regarding the 2022 contract. He believes funding will be given to the library before October 1.