RIDGELAND, Miss. (WJTV) – Plans for a new 77-acre mixed-use facility that would feature Topgolf, a grocery store and more than 200 homes will move forward after getting approval for an overlay district designation.

On Tuesday, the Ridgeland Board of Aldermen unanimously approved the developer’s request during a public hearing. The mixed-use facility would be located near Sunnybrook Road and Highland Park Boulevard.

“It’s a multi-million-dollar investment in the city and Greater Jackson Metro Area. Some of the benefits is Topgolf creating over 200 jobs,” said Todd Waldo with Topgolf.

The facility would include retail, restaurant spaces, office spaces and hotels.

The property sits in a residential district, so developers made their case to the mayor and Board of Aldermen. They asked for an overlay district designation, and the board voted to approve the request.

“This development should create an appealing environment and increase the net migration of younger professionals looking to move out of Jackson into nearby cities into more stable suburban areas with more reliable services and infrastructure,” said Ryan Nunley, managing director for Valbridge Property Advisors.

The development is expected to bring more traffic to the area, so more traffic lights will be put up. Several concrete walls will also go up to help block out the noise.

A wetland sits near the middle of the property, which developers will use in their design as a riverwalk.

“Storm water is a concern, and we’re going to be responsible for neighbors, collecting storm water from our site, slowing down, treating it and discharging it in a safe manner,” explained Seth Dean, a civil engineer.

There was some apprehension from residents, but many seemed to be on board with the project.

Ridgeland’s police chief and fire chief both said they looked over the plans and didn’t see any issues at this time. Developers could break ground on the facility by the end of the year.