Robert T. Brodell honored by American Academy of Dermatology

Local News

The American Academy of Dermatology has honored Robert T. Brodell, MD, FAAD, as a Patient Care Hero.

Dr. Brodell made it possible for citizens in the Delta to receive treatment from a Dermatologist. If not they would have to travel nearly 100 miles.

He worked with colleagues at the University of Mississippi Oxford to open a dermatology clinic in the Delta.  

Dr. Brodell says, “When we realized the trouble Delta residents faced in accessing dermatology care, we knew we had to do something. Having a dozen dermatologists take this on together made it manageable for us to ensure consistent staffing, and we are happy to work together to meet this need.”

Click here for more information on how Dr. Brodell and his colleagues are working with patients in the Delta.

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