Sal & Mookie’s in Fondren reopens after 16 days without steady water

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Fondren has been deprived of Sal & Mookie’s for more than two weeks. Water returned to the business this week, and the restaurant reopened on Friday.

“Look at us!” Brandy Fields, the service manager, said. “Friday! We’re back open! Parking lot is filling up, we’ve had phone calls – ‘Are y’all open yet?’ ‘Yes!’ ‘We’re on our way!’”

Fields said the thing that stressed her out the most the last 16 days was whether or not her staff would return, but she was pleasantly surprised, and they did not disappoint her.

“My staff showed up today,” Fields said. “Smiles on their face, ready for all the guests to come in. They’re ready to work. That’s what they’ve been eager to do.”

They’re not the only ones who are eager about reopening.

“We’ve been inside, places have been closed” Eric Johnson said. “We’re excited to get back out and eat again.”

“I don’t mind spending time with him at home,” Eric’s wife, Jessica, said. “But it’s good to get out and see people and see things moving around.”

Lyndsi Anderson is from out of town and is visiting family. She said Sal & Mookie’s is the perfect way to celebrate their reunion.

“We get to eat some pizza and enjoy each other’s company for the first time in a while,” Anderson said.

Fields said that Sal & Mookie’s will be continuing to take additional precautions even though the water may be restored.

The restaurant is in its last few weeks in the Fondren location. It’s set to open in The District next month.

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