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Salt Cave Could Clear You Right Up

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  Year around allergies are a fact of life for many of us in Mississippi. Looking for somewhere to get  relief from that scratchy throat or stuffy nose? 

 What profession is famous for always having sick days left over at the end of the year? If you said salt miner, give yourself 2 quick pinches.

  The benefits of salt have been praised since Biblical times.

  Jill Clark the Co-owner of Soul Synergy Center in Flowood.

  She says, “Salt has a lot of healing capabilities from helping with respiration, helping sinuses, allergies, asthma, COPD, insomnia, overall well being.”

 Check any of those boxes? You might want to check out one of Mississippi’s first salt caves.

 Daniel Clark is the other Co-owner of  Soul Synergy Center.

 He says, “I used to have respiratory issues, and they’e gone now.”

 Eighteen hundred  blocks of gently back lit pure Himalayan Salt make up the cave. There is also salt on the floor and in the air.

  Jill explains, “A halogenerator is a machine that actually grinds up the pharmaceutical grade salt, and it’s blown into your room during your 45 minute session.”

  Other machines have no place here. The cave is all about relaxation.

  Daniel says, “It gives you a chance to sit back, unplug and just get a full body cleanse.”

  Many folks fall right to sleep. A gentle bell will let you know when your session is over. Don’t be surprised if you are breathing a little easier.
 The salt comes from the mines in Pakistan and is widely regarded as the finest in the world.
 The Clarks recommend 2 sessions a week in the Salt Cave for the best results.  

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