Saturday storm crashes trees into homes pinning a woman to her couch

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Many along the Mississippi River began to clean up after a severe storm, but full recovery may take some time.

As of Sunday night more than 1,000 homes and businesses are still without power in the area, but for many places like Tucker and Henry road people have more to worry about after trees fell on their homes.

No one was killed last night, but now homeowners must tackle the process of fixing up their properties where the damage was heartbreaking.

“Yes you work all your life to build up a house, but it doesn’t take but five minutes to take it away,” Warren County native Jeri McGuffie said.

Those facing the storm on the front lines say it came without warning.

“Everything outside turned white with a big down poor,” Homeowner Pat McGuffie said. “And it was like a bomb went off and 10-15 seconds later it was over just that quick.”

“Trees down everywhere, power lines down everywhere, it was very dangerous,” Sabrina Lynn of Vicksburg told us. “And my husband got here about 7:30 and I followed about 30 minutes later. It was total devastation I’ve never seen anything up close like that.”

Thankfully the Lynn family who live off Tucker road weren’t home at the time the storm hit.

“The tree went straight through the fireplace into the living room, into the dining room and into my daughter’s bedroom and her bathroom,” Lynn continued. “So it trashed those four rooms immediately and then there’s a lot of damage in the rest of the part of the house. There’s rain in my bedroom, rain in my bathroom.”

The McGuffie family right across the street however wasn’t so lucky.

“You didn’t hear the tree crack, you didn’t hear the tree pop you just heard it when it hit the house and that was the end of it,” Pat said.

We got a look from the inside of the room where the tree fell in right on the couch where pat’s wife was sitting.

“It pinned her to the couch and my son came in and we got her picked up, got everything off of her and moved her to a safe place,” Pat stated.  

“The only thing I remember is my husband saying a tree came in the house and I was sitting on the couch,” Jeri described. “And the limb that came through the couch had pushed furniture up on my legs.”

Most on the street appear to have home insurance and with the help of tree cutting companies voluntarily clearing branches the recovery process has begun.

We also spoke to Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs who told us Vicksburg and Warren County public schools will be closed on Monday because power lines are still down and roads are blocked off.

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