JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The seventh largest Powerball Jackpot has soared to $630 million.

People in the metro are fantasizing about what they would do with all that money.

“If there’s a winner, we sure hope it’s in Mississippi.”

“It would change my life in a whole different way.”

“I’ll be traveling all over the place with that kind of money.”

This is the largest Powerball Jackpot Mississippi has seen since legalizing the state lottery last January.

“You have to play to win but it’s really important to us that people understand play responsibly. We do want people to play, we do want people to enjoy our products but we do want people to play responsibly,” said Mississippi Lottery Jeff Hewitt.

The $630 million lottery has a pay out of $448.4 million. To win that much money would be life changing for many people.

“I would buy my mom a house, buy myself a house, I’ll even support the homeless and just do everything I’ve been wanting to do with that much money. I wouldn’t even have to buy gas,” said Ishanteria Roberson.

Sabrina Ruff said she would use it to help others.

“I would definitely donate a lot of it to different hospitals, that’s close to my heart and probably the school systems. My brother has a lot of special needs so, being able to help kids like him that would be awesome.”

Tonight marks the 41st drawing for this Powerball Jackpot.