Severe weather hits Warren County flood victims

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Eddie Hatcher said he’s lived in the Eagle Lake community his entire life.

He’s never seen the river above flood stage for so long. When the rain came on Monday morning, he and others within the small town prayed for the best.

Eddie Hatcher said, ” The power went out close to 3:30, 4 this morning, I knew then it was bad. I am just glad we didn’t get a bad storm. We have downed trees and power lines but you just have to deal with it. “

This morning’ severe weather caused thousands of power outages to customers in Warren County. Debris filled already flooded streets. MDOT cleanup crews went to work after the storms rolled through.

Kelvin Johnson an MDOT worker said, ” A couple of trees were down and power lines. We were working to get them all cleaned up. Now we have everything all cleaned up. “

Eddie Hatcher said he and others were lucky weather did not get as bad as it could have. He said it cannot get much worse than it already is. The backwater flooding has been a problem for well over 100 days. Just last Thursday, the Steele Bayou Gates were opened to help bring the levels down.

Hatcher said ” The gates are open. That will slow down the process.  When the weather comes in we just hope it won’t be four or five inches cause that would change everything. “

Still, Hatcher said he couldn’t help but think this could have all been avoided.

“When they put these levees in, they did everything but finish it and put the pumps in. When we have rain on the inside, the pumps can pump it out. We are not trying to dry out the Delta, the plan is to keep it to a minimum to where we can farm, and we can live,” said Hatcher. 

Hundreds of homes are still damaged from flooding, but crews cannot total up all the damage until levels go down. 

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