Sewer problem leads to major sinkhole, drivers react

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)- A sewer problem leads to a major sinkhole on Mill Street in Jackson.

12 News’ Terrance Friday talked with drivers about wanting to see a change.

The city of Jackson says its working on making repairs to the leaking valve creating somewhat of a makeshift pool in the middle of the street.

Bracey Brooks-Driving Through Mill Street says, “It’s almost like a swimming pool. The whole car could fit in there. It’s uncalled for really it is.”

The hole is about six feet deep and is surrounded by road cones, but people working nearby tell us it has been that way for more than a year.

Brooks says, “It’s something that needs to be taken care of, really as soon as possible because they should have fixed it when it was like a small hole. Now it’s like big enough for my whole truck to fit in there.”

Drivers tell us the hole has only grown.

The city says it can only try to secure the area around the problem until the hole is repaired.

Brooks says, “What if somebody was coming out here at night and the dirt pile wasn’t there? You’re going to run into that hole and then someone’s going to get hurt.”

An anonymous driver says, “There are things that are terrible nuisances that people call about if people don’t want something tearing up their car but if that’s dangerous enough for someone to get hurt to make that a priority and get it taken care of first.”

The city says it will continue to keep warning barrels around the hole until its repaired.

Drivers tell us they hope to see something done soon before anyone gets hurt.

The city says it doesn’t have an exact time for when the work will be completed.

In a statement, a spokesperson says:

The City has to fix the sewer main before we can repair the water valve that is leaking creating the hole. We have declared an emergency to repair the sewer main. We have received quotes from local contractors, and working on executing the contracts.

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