Slick roads lead to several accidents Thursday

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If you had to drive on the interstate Thursday, chances are, you drove by an accident at some point.
We spotted at least four from our mobile weather lab alone.

The rain came pouring down Thursday morning in the metro, and the slick roads created a recipe for disaster. Traffic was backed up for miles as police responded to multiple accidents, most of the weather related. Trace Roberson says she spotted a few on her way to the grocery store.

“I’ve got a car full of kids so I’m really conscious of how I’m driving in watching the drivers around me and in general, I don’t see a lot of people adjusting for slick road conditions,” Roberson said.

Jackson police chief James Davis even stopped to help with an accident on  Interstate-20 near Terry Road.

“The driver, who was clearly very afraid, said his rear end started to swerve out of control,  causing his vehicle to collide with the concrete wall. I comforted the young man and made sure that he was ok and I started to direct traffic, eventually getting traffic flowing again,” Chief Davis said.

There is more heavy rain to be expected this season so it’s important to keep these things in mind when driving on crowded highways.

“It’s definitely slicker and harder to come to a stop. In general, I feel like people are more distracted driving and they were even just a few years ago so I see a lot of people slamming on breaks because they’re on their phones and it’s a lot harder to manage,” Roberson said.

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