JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – South Jackson neighbors are facing little to no water pressure as crews work to fix system issues.

“It’s stupid to me you know we have been going on with this for several years,” said resident Gean-Tucker Johnson.

And ongoing leaders say after major water main breaks areas with higher elevation like South Jackson are the most affected.

“We experienced some issues within the distribution system and also the water treatment facility that lingered on well into the weekend there were opportunities that we tried to make in order to address the issue and unfortunately, we were just not able to get the system on track,” said City Engineer Dr. Charles Williams.

As a result, roughly one week of low water pressure.

“I have been seeing a lot of people increasingly come to buy water you know that is raising the prices some people don’t have money and they could be at home using their water,” said Alexiver Ob’ann.

Instead, an influx to purchase water with strong opinions.

“We might be getting sabotaged who knows,” said Gregory Knight.

“This is just more so operation issues last week along with some breaks tied with that, but we are seeing improvements and continue to see those improvements over the next couple of days we just ask for patience from our residents we know they are frustrated with this especially in south Jackson ultimately, they are impacted the most,” said Dr. Charles Williams.

Leaving a cry for the governor to step in.

“I know we are probably low on money, but I know the governor can make a phone call like that and the money will be here right is right and wrong is wrong,” said Johnson.

This is still an ongoing issue and city engineer Charles Williams said he expects crews to make significant progress and restore services this week.