JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The City of Jackson held another water giveaway. This comes after a citywide boil water notice was issued for Jackson just over a week ago.

While these giveaways are helpful for many, some people in Jackson say they are frustrated with how the city informs the public about them.

“To me, I think that they haven’t been doing enough to get it out. If you have the whole city that’s having a water issue, then you need to be covering the whole city. You need to be setting up in every grocery store parking lot in every part of the city to try and make sure that everyone is aware that you’re giving away free water,” said Terrace Mack, a Jackson neighbor.

“They’re doing enough to let us know, but the thing of it is, the fact that we still have to be paying a water bill. We still should be able to use our water the way we’re supposed to be using it. Just fix the problem,” said Cassandra Lawson, another Jackson neighbor.

The City of Jackson announced earlier this week that water shutoffs will be starting for bills left unpaid.