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The American Humanist Association is taking issue with the slogan on the state seal — saying ‘In God We Trust’ violates the rights of some atheists and agnostics. ‘

Friday morning, we sent a team just outside of the Tax Collectors Office in Hinds County where people were getting those new tags. We wanted to know what people like Patrick Mann thought about the design.

“In God We Trust.   I really don’t feel one way or another about it. It’s been there all this time,” She said.

Timothy Young agrees

“We still believe in God and Christ so let our beliefs be our beliefs and let our blessings be our blessings,” Young said. “We don’t need any curse from God and then we are not trying to piss God off so leave God alone.”

The Revenue Commissioner and Attorney General have been notified that not everyone is pleased with the states new license plates. Sarah Henry is a spokesperson for the American Humanists Association.

“Well, of course, you understand that’s the state motto and part of the state seal, but unfortunately requires non-religious motorist who would like to drive legally in Mississippi to display a religious phrase on their car,” Henry said.

“It really requires people to either display something that they don’t believe in. Essentially to lie, and put it on their own vehicle or go out of their way to pay this additional fee.”

Custom or specialty designs are available, starting at $30, but the group in oppostion of the tag says they should not be forced to pay a fee for a different tag.

“This is asking the registered motorists to display a religious statement. We wouldn’t ask anyone to display non-religious or religious statements if they didn’t feel that way so that’s what we’re asking the state to do.”

We reached out to the revenue commissioner, Herb Frierson today. He says he won’t comment on the situation until he hears from his legal team.

The national group says it is considering taking legal action.

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