State Senator David Blount says it’s time to modernize Mississippi voting laws

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A state senator says it’s time this state allowed early voting.

David Blount called out voting practice in Mississippi while at the same time promoting the vote in the upcoming runoff election.

He wants people to know about registering to vote in the runoff.

“Beyond just encouraging people to vote we want people to recognize that absentee voting in Mississippi is difficultit is unnecessarily difficult.”

With less than three weeks until the runoff, the Senate Election Vice-Chair hopes voters don’t get distracted.

“There are three state holidays between today and the election. Veterans Day is Monday two days for thanksgiving Thursday and Friday and it’s very difficult to vote absentee.

Senator Blount says under the current system there’s a tax on college students wanting to vote by absentee. He offered his daughter’s experience.

“When she went to get her application for her ball notarized she had to pay $5 and they gave her a receipt- they gave her a receipt for the notary on her absentee ballot application that is very familiar that looks a lot like a poll tax receipt to me.”

Blount says he believes there are easier ways to make sure everyone is eligible to vote.

“We should have online voter registration most states have online voter registration, I’m not talking about online voting I’m talking about online voter registration Louisiana has it , Alabama has it, Georgia has it – we can have it here in Mississippi. “

More importantly, Blount believes voting mandates are stuck in the past. He says it’s time to modernize and allow early voting.

“We should also have early voting for everybody, Mississippi is one of the few states 37 states in the country have early voting absentee voting is something you have to qualify for.”

He plans to reintroduce legislation in January.

“Historically in Mississippi, there’s been reluctance to make it easier to vote but I’m hopeful that this year that particular this runoff there are a lot of Mississippians who want to vote for Mike Espy or want to vote for Cindy Hyde-Smith and they’re frustrated with the process.”

The runoff election is Tuesday, November 27th.

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