Stewpot prepares to serve 100 plus people in need for Thanksgiving

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Stewpot prepares to serve over 100 people in need

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Stewpot food pantry is finishing final preparations to serve the homeless, 12’s Justin Devonn has a look at what’s new and what to expect this year for Thanksgiving.

Volunteers at the Stewpot finished placing the final touches on the dining room to serve an amazing Thanksgiving dinner.

Director of Special Events and Communication Michelle Birmingham says, “We are excited because we have some things that are new Saint Andrews lower school provided some table mats for our clients that they be able to sit at the table and read”

Stewpot is an inter-faith ministry organization that provides basic needs to people who are poor or homeless. It is expecting over one hundred people to be served tomorrow. Fortunately, organizers have made arrangements to have loads of food.

“We have a group that comes in on tomorrow we do potluck for Thanksgiving so the group is a butterfly by grace they will be serving the meal and then will have some of our regular volunteers and just volunteers from all around the city tomorrow,” said Birmingham.

In addition to the donated food, there will be no shortage of people volunteering to help serve and clean up.

Birmingham says, “It really warms our heart to know that people are coming to stewpot to help us serve our guest on Thanksgiving and any day really because we want to provide a very welcoming loving and nurturing atmosphere so I guess they don’t have a home to go to”

Stewpot says they will have plenty to go around and encourage anyone in need to come and eat.

Birmingham says, “Tomorrow we will start serving lunch at about 11 AM and we will be able to until everyone is fed we will serve seconds thirds as much as we have we will continue to feed”

If you would like to volunteer your time to help on Thanksgiving, Stewpot would be more than happy to have any extra hands.

The women’s shelter; Matts house and billy Brumfield will be open for anyone in need of a place to stay.

Call 601-353-2759 if you are interested in lending a hand.

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