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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – It’s hot, it’s humid, and at times it’s very rainy. It’s weather Mississippians tolerate, and mosquitoes thrive in.

You won’t really start seeing the pesky creatures until temperatures start climbing around May but right now is when they breed. That’s where professional pest companies come in. Dorsey Hardeman is the owner of Mosquito Joe, “one of the reasons we start right now in March is to really get ahead of the mosquito population.”

He goes on to say, “what they’re going to do is inspect the property, see where the problem places are on the property…we’re looking for standing water places where mosquitoes will lay their eggs and breed.”

After an inspection his men will either eliminate the standing water or strap on masks, and backpack sprayers to treat the area, “it kills the larva stage so it doesn’t breed into an adult mosquito and so that’s basically breaking this breeding cycle.”

Hardeman believes getting an early start is just another layer of protection to get you from behind the screened-in porch and back into the summer sun.

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