Storm damage leaves man in Pearl with only one room of house

Local News

Here on South Bierdman Street homeowners saw double the disaster with flash floods taking over the streets and getting into homes, plus trees destroying properties. 

In a matter of minutes, houses were invaded by branches caving in roofs and several inches of water taking over streets.

“Street was full,” resident Sherly Haffenden told us. “There was no water in my yard and then 15-20 minutes later when I went out to check it was starting to come in the back door.”

For Sherly the water got all the way in, she’s depended on dryers to get the floor clear.

“Just water in the living room and dining area and I had great help,” Haffenden continued. “The first knock on my door was Casey Floy who’s the alderman for this area.”

For a few hours many in the community felt trapped.

“I was scared, whenever it was already flooded it just kept on raining,” resident Jake Wattlatimer said. “And I was like are we going to go to a hotel and when we woke up all of it was just gone.”

But in the aftermath one home off Barrow Street took a heavy hit by two different trees.

“I was standing out in the front yard and praying, but it just came down on my house,” homeowner Ricky Pearson said.

On the inside Ricky showed us how the second tree caved into two rooms leaving him only one corner to stay in.

“Pretty much I don’t have anywhere to stay other than one corner of my house and that’s where I have my mattress,” Pearson stated. “And we’re hoping that the insurance or Red Cross can come in and we can find a place to stay till we can get this settled.”

Since the incident family members have started a GoFundMe page for Ricky and his kids to get assistance and fix the house.

We also reached out to the city of pearl who told us if flooding or tree damage has made your home unlivable anyone can contact the Salvation Army and Red Cross for help.

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