Storm water floods Jim Hill High School

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Jim Hill High School was knee-deep in water. 

WJTV 12’s Gerald Harris was there earlier. 

The mayor spent much of the day surveying storm and flood damage and at his stop, at Jim Hill High school is where he confirmed that he would issue a state of emergency. 

Faculty and students at Jim Hill and nearby Isabel Elementary school were locked in by water, Jim Hill got the worst of it. WJTV spoke to a man who witnessed the flooding from beginning to end and even brought his own boat. 

“I had the street blocked off all the way back there and I came from the front I had to come around hill street to get to Highway 80 I came to the back side it was full so I went and got my boat just in case they have an emergency where they can get somebody out or in if they needed to.” 

Students stayed inside of the school until the water was drained or removed. However, some parents did trek to get their children by driving or even walking through the rain water. 

This area is prone to flooding and with more rain, the Mayor and the EOC Director say they will have high water vehicles and other necessary tools on standby.

There’s no word at this time as rain continues to be in the forecast if affect schools are scheduled to be open tomorrow. 

The Jackson Public School District confirms flash flood waters have encroached on the ground of the building and is inside the entire school.

No word on whether classes have been canceled.

WJTV 12’s Gerald Harris is there and will keep you abreast of developments at the school as information becomes available.

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