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Storms result in flash flooding all over Jackson

Local News

The presidential hills community was hit hard by fast-moving water this morning. 
it was so bad at one point that emergency response teams had to rescue people by boat. 
Terrence Friday shows us the aftermath. 

Freemon Bryant says he has seen flooding before in his presidential hills neighborhood, but never like this. 

“All of these homes have water damage. I’m talking about on the floors it’s bad. like we saw the fence there how the water just knocked the fence down. It flooded it all the way back to what would have been the street.”

As we have reported the city says its working with the Governor and MEMA to get an action response team to help with the damage in areas like this one. Councilman Melvin Priester spent the day checking on constituents.

“We are evacuating people from homes using boats and trucks to try to get people out of their homes. we are trying to deal with seniors first so we’re just asking for peoples patience as we try to get people out of their homes hopefully before the rain comes back.”

This is what it looked like on Franklin D Roosevelt Drive after the water started to recede. 
at one point, homeowners tell us the water rushed into their houses, leaving them with significant damage. 

“I’ve said we had to go but we didn’t have any way out. I got out and tried to get in my van and drive out but then I realized we couldn’t drive so we had to just stay put and deal with it. “

The city is working to find out whether or not there is a problem with the drainage system. in the meantime, they are asking people to be extra cautious and avoid driving through highly flooded areas.

There was significant flood damage in parts of canton as well.

This is Martin Luther King Junior Drive where water flooded into homes and driveways leaving people trapped inside. 

As you may recall, this city dealt with the same problem last month when rain led to flooding issues for dozens of people there. The city added barriers to certain roads and they are asking people not to move them.

No injuries were reported. 

“I would like to let our citizens know that I’ve had the opportunity to visit various locations where this flooding is taking place. I’ve visited Jim hill high school where we witnessed students both at jim hill and isabella elementary that are locked in by this water surrounding the school. I would encourage people to be safe.”

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