Student named ‘Top 10 Volunteer’ in the U.S.

Local News

A Mississippi student was named ‘Top 10 Youth Volunteers’ in the country for his selflessness.

Joseph Voynik is one of ten students named nationally by Prudential for community volunteerism.

The student was recognized for his efforts to raise six hundred thousand dollars for a baseball field designed for kids and adults with special needs.

Voynik says he didn’t begin raising money for the Parker Miracle Field with the thought of winning any awards. He just saw a need and wanted to bring an idea to light.

” I was watching a baseball game and I saw a commercial. They showed people volunteering at these miracle leagues. It was something I wanted to get involved in. there weren’t any here in ms. I had the idea to build one. “

The Jackson Prep student says the field opened last year. The next game scheduled for that field is slated for this Saturday.

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