TYLERTOWN, Miss. (WJTV)- Students at Tylertown High School are protesting after their First Priority program was moved to after school hours. The program allows them to pray at school.

The students chanted, “No First Priority or no peace!”

12 News Reporter Justin Devonn is at the high school speaking to students, parents, and faculty.

Without a warning, a program at Tylertown High School called First Priority was permanently canceled.

12 News’ Justin Devonn reports why Tylertown students are upset and why they are demanding the school board keep God in their school.

First Priority is a program which allows students to help each other through hard times.

Students believe it was a teacher who was behind the ending of this program.

Grayson Baker says, “It’s kinda bad when another teacher tells you she doesn’t believe in God”

Once the students learned the school was taking away their program—-they instantly began their protest.

Tyasia Shackleford says, “This has been something for fifteen years. Like every Friday of the month, we will go in here and praise God and I don’t understand why it’s being taken away”

First Priority was organized by students, led by students, for the students.

Raegan Wilson says “Our school spirit is really leaving so if you take this away from us it’s like taking everything away from us we have nothing where’s our pep rally’s where is our school spirit we have literally nothing left but this so if this is what I’ve got to fight for then I’m down for it.”

Parents are providing sandwiches and chips because Tylertown High School has restricted access to the cafeteria for only the seventh and eighth-graders.

Magee District 2 Supervisor says, “God knows that it has changed this whole school. It has changed these kids life these kids want first priority and when you take away from the children you done took everybody heart away.”

The program was voluntary and students did not have to attend if they didn’t want to.