Students at Florence Elementary Prepare for Severe Weather Through Statewide Tornado Drill

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The Statewide Tornado Drill happened in several counties throughout Mississippi Wednesday.

As W-J-T-V 12’s Shay O’Connor reports, she visited Florence Elementary in Rankin County and talked to students who say it felt good to know they were safe.

It wasn’t the wicked witch of the West at Florence Elementary. Just students in Halloween garb ducking and tucking for the Statewide Tornado Drill. 

Maylee Gilmer, a fifth grader said “It feels really safe because if there was a real tornado drill, we’d know what to do. So we would be safe. We always want to be prepared for what’s going to happen next.”

“What we just did. We tucked our heads down and covered our hands over our heads. What that is is a tornado drill. It keeps you safe,” said Maddox Clark, a third grader. 

The drill took place at 10:30 am sharp Wednesday at the school. After an announcement over the intercom, students filed out of classes into the hallways and got into position, awaiting their next instruction. 

Kristen Windham with Rankin County School District said the state of Mississippi had seen it’s fair share of severe weather. 

Windham said the school has two tornado drills and two lock-downs every semester because students could never be too prepared. 

Officials with Mississippi Emergency Management Agency said if you are at work or school during a tornado to go to a basement or hallway at the lowest level of the building. 

If you are at home during a tornado: Go to the lowest level of your home, or an inner hallway without windows. 

If you are in a mobile home during a tornado: take shelter in a building that has strong foundation. If one is not available, lie in a ditch or low lying area a safe distance away from the mobile home.

If you are outdoors during a tornado: try to get inside of a sturdy building with a concrete foundation. If a sturdy building is not available, lie in a ditch or low lying area or crouch next to a strong building. 

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