JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A teen summit is providing teenagers with the tools to positively date as they enter into that stage in life.

Hosted by the Mississippi Coalition Against Domestic Violence, this year’s theme is “Light in Darkness.”

Youth from all over the state had a chance to hear from a number of speakers who are experts on things like mental health, teen suicide and dating violence.

The annual summit teaches teens the warning signs of domestic violence, grooming and sex trafficking while teaching necessary tools to effectively date.

“We know that teens are a very vulnerable population during this age. Usually, teens are starting to date. They gain their independence, and they don’t always have the actual tools and resources or knowledge base to understand the red flags when it comes to dating. Say, for instance, if someone starts texting them continuously or wanting to know their whereabouts or starting to do little things like a little shove or push,” said Dr. Wendy Mahoney, the executive director of the coalition.

The summit is held every last Sunday in January, right before February, which is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.