CRYSTAL SPRINGS, Miss. (WJTV) – The words drool, pain and letters TFK were painted in multiple locations around Copiah County. 

“We got a local law firm here that has been tagged. We have several city buildings that have been tagged with the same stuff. Even our main cemetery here the walls have been the same stuff,” said Crystal Springs Police Chief Tony Hemphill.

Brandon Adcox, 24, was arrested at the Hazlehurst Walmart where officers confiscated his backpack with multiple spray paint cans inside. 

“He was asked why, and he said it’s basically a hobby. He was struggling with some addiction and that he started focusing on his graffiti,” said Hemphill.

The graffiti was found at the Springs of Praise World Outreach Center.

“When it said drool and pain, I was praying for that person because as I was praying I said that person must really be feeling something,” said Carolyn Ornelas.

“The suspect states that he was trying to start a gang, I guess a graffiti gang,” said Hemphill.

Ornelas shared that the pavilion was built as a tribute to 21-year-old Seth McCarthy, a member who passed away from leukemia in 2013, and the defacing of such a special place is particularly painful.

“That’s what we’re all about, and we don’t wanna have to spend what little bit we get on this kind of stuff,” said Hemphill.

Crystal Springs and Hazlehurst police will be in communication with victims to tally the total damage. 

“Hazlehurst has several malicious charges and will have several malicious charges but it will be under the statue of destruction of public property,” said Hemphill.

If you notice any similar graffiti to your property, contact your local police department.