New details have emerged about the victims from Saturday’s hostage situation in Clinton and suspect Nam Lê and the property where the incident took place.

A family member told WJTV 12 they’re still in shock.

We also learned the identities of the victims and their relationship to Nam Lê, who held them hostage for 12 hours.

A young father, 34 years of age, Nam Lê was seen by many as a simple man who caused no harm. 

But he now is accused of killing his wife, 30 year old Lan Thi My Van, h
er sister, 28 year old Lie Thi My Van, and her fiancé Phung Lê, a doctor, and 65 year old Cho Thi Van, a family baby sitter, relatives say was helping them out for a few days.

In his Facebook pictures he’s portrayed as a happy man.

He lived at 1214 Foxhill Dr. with his wife and two children. The property managers said they were always on time with their bills and never abused the property. 

We also learned new details on how Lê was apprehended. 

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigations reports around 2pm on Saturday the Highway Patrol SWAT entered the residence and found Lê wounded by gunfire. 

He was transported to a local hospital, but later died from his wounds. 

As for his two daughters who were released in the midst of the standoff, the family tells us they are now in the custody of their uncle. 

Authorities’ say multiple departments are still investigating a motive.