JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The director of one of the largest No Kill shelters in Mississippi said two men attempted to steal their only cargo van.

“The door was open, window busted out. They tried to hotwire it, and I guess they didn’t know what they were doing to it,” said Peggy Harrel, Shelter Director at American Rescue Fund of Mississippi.

Shattered glass left a huge mess to clean up. Harrell said the nonprofit group was planning a drive to Mississippi State University Friday morning to have a dozen animals spayed and neutered. Now, they’re only able to take four dogs in a smaller car.

When asked why the suspects were trying to steal this particular van, Harrell said, “We think they either thought they could take it somewhere to strip for parts or sell it.”

This is the second time suspects have tried to steal from the Jackson animal shelter.

“They’ve torn all the covering on the steering covering out. We tried to crank it. It’s not letting us do anything,” said Harrell.

She said their insurance agency will take a look at the cost, but replacing the van will cost more than what the shelter can afford.

Harrell credits the guard working across the street at another business likely prevented the would-be thieves from doing even worse damage.

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