Tate Reeves tours Delta flooded areas and speaks to Holly Bluff Farmers

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The negative impact from flooding in the Delta has caught the attention of Governor Candidates. 

While on the campaign trail today LT. Governor Tate Reeves toured flooded areas and spoke to farmers in Holly Bluff.

We’re now entering the fourth month of Delta flooding and people are still relying on boats to get to and from home. Most say the 2019 farm season is all but washed away. 

While some roads and fields have re-surfaced many delta towns are far from recovering. 

“It’s the slowest disaster you’ve ever seen,” Farmer Brent Langley said. “It’s just sitting and going out slowly.”

“The flood water has not gone away it’s just gone down about eight tenths of a foot,” Holly Bluff resident Jimmy Hudson told us. “So that’s just nine inches or so. There’s still a lot of water here, but it’s not a lot of attention anymore.” 

For many farmers this year, agriculture is doomed. 

WJTV 12’s Alex Love went boating with local farmer Chuck Perry over four feet of water which is usually a field growing corn and soy beans which won’t be drained any time soon.  

“I’m hearing all the way up to July maybe,” Perry said. “All the way to July, so we won’t have a crop season this year.”

Getting a firsthand look while campaigning Tate Reeves spoke to those affected in Holly Bluff getting a feel for what people are going through. 

“This devastation has put lots and lots of Mississippians in harm’s way,” Reeves stated. “There’s water in their houses, there’s water in between the roads and their houses, there’s water over roads and the real economic damage is also another factor.” 

While speaking Reeves also emphasized his support for pumps to be installed to prevent future floods and is pushing Washington to reconsider the veto. 

“They’re not going to be able to plant corn, they’re not going to be able to plant soy beans, they’re not going to be able to plant cotton and that’s going to be a real economic impact,” Reeves continued. “Because of decisions that could have been made in Washington.”

Gubernatorial candidate Bill Waller was in Eagle Lake yesterday taking a firsthand look at flooding there.

The other candidate in the republican race for governor is Robert Foster. 

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