Tchula homeowners evacuated after properties get engulfed by lake

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Homeowners in Holmes County are being forced off their properties this weekend with rising water levels from the Tchula Lake making its way to their yards.

It all happened in a matter of days as many homes in the town of Tchula, Mississippi were engulfed by a neighboring lake turning their yards into ponds. And many have little resources to turn to for help.

After constant heavy rainfall the Tchula Lake has expanded over 30 yards wider bringing water too many front door steps.

“Look at this, this is a disaster,” renter Willie H. said. “This is crazy we need help.”

Now in response most on Front Street are relying on pallets piled up through their yards to walk over several feet of water.

“It’s been very helpful keeping us from getting wet and the water getting higher,” Tchula resident Jamarris Caesar told us. “So we’ve had to step on those pads just to get to our car.”

“We use it every day as long as they said the water was going to come up,” homeowner Jennie Jefferson explained.

Since water levels reached this height on Tuesday, members of Red Cross came through to check the damage and inform the public with what they offer.

“Shelters are in place, we have cots in place at different places, we have trucks that are going out feeding, we have boat distribution,” Supervisor Ramon Jones said. “And sometimes we have boat distribution centers or feeding centers where the volunteers will go out and feed people on site if they’re not in a shelter situation.”

The Salvation Army is also reaching out for those who need to be relocated.


“They gave me a hotel room, me and my fiancé until this all goes away,” Willie H. stated. “But now I’m stuck paying rent and it’s costing me more. How come i have to pay and the mayor should help Tchula.”

But another big concern for neighbors is properties left abandon drawing looters to break in.

Henrey saffold: tchula native
“Least one has to come back and check on the house because if they don’t the little stuff they do got left will be vandalized,” Tchula resident Henry Saffold said.”Aand people will steel what they got left.”

We also spoke to more than a dozen homeowners on this street and none of them have flood insurance.

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