Tchula residents continue to weather rising water

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The town of Tchula is working to collect toiletries and other items for homeowners dealing with flooding problems in the small Delta town.

WJTV 12’s Terrance Friday traveled to the area where frustrations are spilling over and threatening to make things worse.

Here on Front Street in Tchula, several homes are surrounded by floodwater. People say they don’t know what to do next.

“It’s been tough on us because everybody doesn’t have money. Everybody is and have money to move or leave their homes so it’s been tough on everybody that stays over here and up the street. We’re just trying to survive out here”

What you are seeing is water damage which will take families months to recover from.

“ A lot of people can’t even get in their houses around here.”

For several weeks, water has slowly risen, making it hard for many folks to do the most basic things.

“It’s been like this for like three or four weeks and then my wife is here and I’m at work. She’s here by herself and she can’t come through these palettes. If she falls who’s going to help pick her up.”

Outside many of these homes, you’ll find pallets lined up to create walkways so people can get to their front doors.

“This is my first time ever experiencing a flood like this and in the rain keeps coming. I’m more anxious and scared. Then you worry about snakes and alligators you don’t know what could happen or if the water is contaminated. Then they’ll tell you if you want to go to a shelter they’ll send you to Greenwood, but if your kids go to school in Lexington?

Despite everything, there is a spirit of gratitude and tenacity as the town tries to gain some sense of normalcy.

“It could be worse. It could be worse which is blessed to be living. Will be able to push forward that’s the only thing we can do, push forward.”

With more rain expected this weekend, the townspeople tell us they can only hope and pray.

In true Delta fashion, folks are trying to find the bright side by planning a party to lift everyone’s spirits. Folks have been asked to bring supplies to help people who’ve been affected.

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