Technology plays vital role combating Brookhaven explosion

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An explosion in Brookhaven sent some workers home and ignited a multi agency investigation into what happened.

The explosion happed at M&M milling which included the Mississippi Environment Quality Department.

A plant in Brookhaven went up in smoke after an explosion in the early morning hours.

“We got the call approximately 8:30 this morning to M&M Milling here the call came in as a silo on fire so when we got here it looks like an apparent dust explosion,” said Brookhaven Fire Chief Tony Weeks.

The plant produces grounded up corn cobs for other uses , and is likely the reason for the dust fire. 

“It’s been such a fine powder apparently so we don’t really know the exact cause but apparently it got a spark and exploded,”Weeks said.

Along with Brookhaven FD, MEMA , Lincoln County EMA and the State’s Environmental Quality department were on scene for extra precautions 

“Just a potential for safety making sure nothing gets off of this site to contaminate anything anywhere else,” said Clifford Galey the Lincoln County EMA director said.

Galey adds, the EMA routinely plans for events like this in the form of a safety plan and factory should also. 

“Each company is required to have one on file and they brought it out we looked at it they do have one and like the chief said this was one of those things that happened and we don’t know for sure why yet,“ Galey said.

M&M Milling, which is based out of Texas had no comment. 

No one was injured in the explosion.

 A silo explodes in Brookhaven. Responding crews used drone footage from the Brookhaven Police Department to determine the best way to combat the situation.
Brookhaven Police Department assisted the Brookhaven Fire Department, Lincoln County Emergency Management, Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality and the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency with the use of BPD’s Drone at M&M Milling on Fender Trail.

The fire department command staff was able to see the view of the silo to ensure safe access was permissible for the firefighters on the scene. The FLIR camera showed which areas of the silo were still emitting heat.

“Implementing technology is part of the vision that I have for the Brookhaven Police Department, to help serve the public, and assist other agencies,” said Chief Kenneth Collins

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