MADISON, Miss. (WJTV)- Three Jackson teens were sentenced for a carjacking crime spree that spanned multiple towns in 2021.

District Attorney John K. Bramlett said Ridgeland police responded to a carjacking at a gas station on Lake Harbor Drive on August 29 last year. The victim, an employee at the gas station, said two masked men with guns forced her away from her car and stole it.

The two men were followed out of the gas station by another vehicle driven by a female. Using the location data from the victim’s phone, officers were able to track the stolen car to Clinton. While in Clinton, Bramlett said the trio carjacked another car and went back to Ridgeland.

A third victim was carjacked at the the Residence Inn. The teens then led officers on a highspeed chase into Jackson where officers lost sight of them. The same night, the group carjacked and fired shots at a fourth victim in Terry, as well as carjacking a fifth car in Byram.

The main gunman was identified as Karmello Gaines, who was 16 at the time. He was accompanied each time by Deterrious Williams, then 15, and Ti’Jerrical Thornton, 17.

According to Bramlett, all evidence indicated that Williams was responsible for driving the stolen cars from each crime scene, and Thornton drove the two men to the carjacking’s so that they could leave in a newly stolen car.

All three individuals pled guilty to two counts of armed carjacking for the acts occurring in Madison County. Both Williams and Thornton pled early in the prosecution and agreed to testify against Gaines, if necessary.

Williams was sentenced to 17 years in custody. Thornton was sentenced to ten years to serve. Gaines originally elected to go to trial, but later pled guilty and was sentenced to thirty years to serve for his role as the ringleader of the criminal enterprise.