JJACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Hinds County Board of Supervisors David Archie and Credell Calhoun went at it again during their meeting on Monday.

In a video, President Calhoun can be seen getting up from his chair and Vice President Archie makes a move for the chair. President Calhoun then pushed the chair at Archie.

Archie spoke to 12 News after the meeting and said he didn’t engage.

“When it comes to Supervisor Calhoun pushing the chair and pushing me and hitting me with the chair. There’s a couple things I could have done, I could have struck back but I played it safe. I put my hands up and said don’t get too deep in my space here cause I got my hands up in the air. I just hope that he don’t continue to act in that matter. When he doesn’t get his way he just object. Have conversation, have a debate, because I can assure if I had gotten into his space he would have Hollard David Archie should be arrested and that should just not be the case,” said Archie.

12 News did reach out to President Calhoun who declined to talk on camera.