PEARL, Miss. (WJTV) – The Blue Feather Bakery and Coffee Shop will bake a 50-foot by 26-foot American Flag cake to benefit the Wounded Warriors Project.

Bakery staff said the goal of the project is to be able to provide a $125,000 check to the Wounded Warrior Project. They also hope to set a world record.

The Corporate Sponsorship is $200 and includes a 12″x12″ cake square with a company logo iced in shades of red or white. Up to six squares can be purchased. For an additional $100, sponsors can hang a sign in the City of Pearl Community Room during the week of the world record.

In Honor/Memory Tickets are $50 and includes a 12″x12″ cake square to honor loved ones or those who served the country. The square can include up to five names and a personal message. Only one square per family can be purchased.

A ceremony will be held on July 4th at the City of Pearl Community Room for neighbors to attend. More details about the ceremony and display week will be released at a later date.

Call (601)-966-3939 for more information or to become a sponsor.