The search for a Madison County dog goes viral

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A mother’s promise to find her son’s dog has gone viral and people from all over Mississippi and even outside of the state are sharing her journey on social media.
WJTV 12’s Margaret-Ann Carter joins the more than 3,700 people in the search to help bring Scout home.  
“At the boat ramp I was standing there with Braden and he doesn’t say a whole lot, but I just looked at him and he said I can’t leave her, and I said I’m not leaving until I find her son,” Christa Garnett-Boyd promised her son.
Still dressed in camouflage Christa Garnett-Boyd started our interview moments after returning home from the Delta, where she’s spent countless hours scouring the woods for Scout.
When our cameras left, so did she, heading back out to Leflore County to enter day 35 of her search for a 3 year old beloved Boykin Spaniel.

Scout went missing on December 7th during a hunting trip when she fell off of their boat.

While the odds are working against this family reunion, the community is standing behind them.

“All of the communities that have gathered around us have been really incredible, I mean for a little brown dog,” she thanked the community.
Every day Christa updates the nearly 4,000 followers on Scout’s Facebook page.
Some of her posts have more than 600 shares and comments encouraging her to keep going and stay strong, motivation she needs now more than ever.
“Our family aren’t just dog people, we’re a family and we don’t leave people behind, or dogs behind. We can’t leave her, what do you do?” she explained.
Just this week Christa says there was a break in the case, “I saw this little thing doing these small circles, walking down a path that Braden had walked down the day before, and I was like what is she doing, nose to the ground, I wasn’t positive it was her… and then we had a scent dog come out and confirm that it was in fact her, and so we’re closer than we’ve ever been.”

If you’re interested in helping bring Scout home, the family organizes search trips and you can head to the ‘Helping SCOUT Get Home‘ Facebook page to find out more on how to get involved.

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