JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – An alleged threat disrupted school at Callaway High School. Chaos and uncertainty filled the air as parents rushed to the school, trying to figure out what was happening.

“My daughter ended up texting me. She said ‘Mom there’s a shooter at the school.’ I’m on my way to the school. I notified JPS immediately. They said it’s a student at the school. When I get here, everything was on lockdown. They had the lights out. Luckily, I could see my daughter because she was in a lower level classroom. I made sure that she was good. I think the guy still on the grounds,” said one parent.

Jackson Public Schools (JPS) Superintendent Dr. Errick Greene said though an alleged threat was made on the school, authorities moved swiftly and determined that there was no immediate danger.

“Our team then did a threat analysis just to try to determine the credibility of the threat. Thankfully, in this case, it was not found to be a credible and imminent danger for our scholars or team members. Thankfully, that was the case today. Unfortunately, I think it’s probably the intent, it does create a lot of havoc,” said Greene.

In light of the recent various school shootings happening around the country, Jackson Police Chief James Davis said these threats aren’t taken lightly.

“Havoc because with social media, the word gets out. They just want their kids at home. In light of what we have seen across the country, we are taking all active shooter threats seriously from our private schools, our public schools or any school in Jackson where we receive a active shooter threat. We’re here to support the school system,” said Davis.

Callaway High School was placed on a temporary lockdown before resuming learning for the rest of the day.