Three busted for credit card fraud, bank detects “clones” in ATM

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Authorities in Clinton uncover an international organization behind major credit card theft and have arrested three, alleged hackers.

Clinton Police say they’ve stopped the hackers before they could take off with thousands of dollars and
card numbers.

“We had an organization come through Clinton using cloned debit cards and these cards got locked into the ATM machines when they were used and we got a call from Regions Bank, claiming they had cloned cards,” Clinton Police Detective Nick Sprowles said.

Using a small device, known as a skimmer, criminals scan-rig an ATM machine key pad to steal a persons card and pin number when one makes a transaction.

The machine then stores all your bank account info, enabling identity thieves to make fake credit cards in your name and make purchases.

Since discovering the fake cards, three men have been arrested in connection to the international organization, including 31-year-old George Zica, who is believed to be the man seen in a Clinton Regions surveillance photo, inserting the fake debit card.

Regions Senior Vice President of Public Relations Jeremy D. King issued a statement on the attack, saying the bank has not been “hacked,” but rather, cards were cloned.

“To be clear, Regions was not hacked,” King said. “Rather, some cards belonging to various people were apparently cloned after they were ‘skimmed’ at other locations.”

“We helped catch the alleged criminal activity because our ATMs are equipped to detect card numbers that have been reported to us as compromised.”

“So, when the suspects went to use the cloned cards in our ATMs, our ATMs locked those cards in the machines to prevent more fraudulent activity from occurring.”

“From there, Regions alerted police. Our systems were never hacked, and we have no evidence of the skimming that led to the cloned cards actually taking place on our ATMs.”

“This would indicate the skimming occurred elsewhere,” he added. “This is an important distinction.”

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