MONROE COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – T’Kia Bevily was found not guilty of capital murder on Friday, May 13.

Bevily was accused of killing her stepdaughter in October 2017. Investigators said the cause of death to then 14-month-old Jurayah Smith was blunt force trauma to the head.

In February 2021, Bevily was sentenced to life without parole, days after a jury convicted her of capital murder for the death of Smith. However, she was granted a new trial in September 2021 because one of the jurors failed to disclose he is related to the child’s mother.

Attorney Dennis Sweet said she was found not guilty during a retrial in the Monroe County Circuit Court.

“I was always confident because I knew we had the evidence on our side,” said Sweet. “I think the jurors were honest and really looked at the case. and looked at the evidence and I think Monroe County is a reflection of how the justice system is supposed to work. I’m proud to have tried the case, I’m proud of my legal team. I’m proud of T’Kia. This has been extremely stressful. The weight of Mississippi has been put on her and I think she stood strong,” he continued.

T’Kia and the toddler’s father, Morris Bevily were originally charged in April 2019.

Morris is still charged with capital murder, but a date has not yet been set for his trial.